Thursday, January 18, 2007

Expanding on Strengths

The day after the Strengths in-service at Guernsey-Sunrise, a group of administrators gathered to learn more about using strengths to lead. Although the presentation was similar, I found that I gained a better understanding of strengths even though I have been involved and studying them for a few years. I find that I understand mine even better and I get new ideas on how to work with others to use their strengths to excel.

It is interesting to see the way people view different strengths. It always give me a fresh perspective to see the subtle differences in viewpoints that others have. I think we can learn a lot from listening to others and trying to see things through their eyes. When we are able to keep an open mind, I feel we learn a lot more. That certainly doesn't mean that we are continually changing our mind or values, but it does mean we are always willing to learn something new and let our ways of thinking evolve to a higher level.