Friday, November 14, 2008

Act Now

The title sounded a bit like a sales pitch when I wrote it. Maybe it is. The idea behind this post came from an article written by a person well-versed in that area.

The premise of the article was to not put off things you could do today to protect yourself in a number of different areas in your life, including personal, professional, and health. The author wrote that his wife had mentioned some months ago that they had a security system at one of their homes, but not the one in which they were currently residing. A comment of "Yeah we really should do that," was not followed up on. Of course a few weeks later, they were robbed. The point of the article being, don't put off until tomorrow the important things you could do today.

As I read the article, I thought, I really need to post to the blog, I haven't written for a while; I'll do that later. Thankfully, the article reached out of the computer screen, smacked me and said "read that again, it says act NOW." So I did. As is the case so many times when we don't put off things, it felt good to do it. For procrastinators, it can be difficult. For others, not so much.

One of the tools I've started using is a calendar on the computer that sends reminders for events that are scheduled. I'm finding that as I get those reminders, I'm more prone to either act on them right away or "snooze" them for a short time if I'm in the middle of something. I think I will add this article to my bulletin board, highlight the quote about acting now that is at the end of the article, and repeat the mantra, "Act Now."