Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Day

Wow! Yesterday certainly flew by and by the time I noticed, I was at home away from a computer and didn't post. While this was intended for New Year's Day, it certainly makes sense every other day of the year. Wait, maybe I actually did plan that as a way of making a point. Then again, that would have been too clever and didn't happen.

The title comes from a passage in a little daily reminder book I read. As many begin the new year with resolutions to change this coming year, this phrase reminds us that change comes about day by day. Commitment to taking action each and every day is the only way to bring about change over a longer term.

I am also reminded of an article about Chris Mullin (One Day at a Time) that I believe ran in Sports Illustrated several years ago. It told the story of Mullin, now a former NBA star, was dealing with his alcoholism. Committing to a course of action for this particular day seems easier than thinking about doing it over a longer period of time, even a lifetime. It's a little like eating the elephant one bite at a time. 

As you look forward to positive change in your life and work, what are you going to do today to begin moving toward that goal? Good luck and Happy New Day.

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