Friday, October 21, 2011

Excuse Me

Excuse me.

As I think about these two words, different meanings come to mind. "Excuse me," as in I'm sorry, I almost ran into you or I did bump into you accidently. Or is it "Excuse me," I'm about to run you over if you don't get out of my way? Not quite the same and of course it depends on the tone of voice used to say it, either politely or impatiently might give it different meanings to the receiver. There is also "Excuse me?" with the inflections that determine the message here. Maybe I didn't hear you and asked that or maybe I did hear you and disagree with you and am expressing it with that phrase.

However, for some reason, the thought that came to mind (and I've been reading, so beware) was not a way this particular phrase is generally used or is even grammatically correct. I see another use as one of "Excuse me (I'm making one)." Granted, the parenthesis certainly give it a different meaning that may not be quite right, but it's one that made me think about a chapter I just read in the book A Traveler's Guide, by Andy Andrews. In chapter 1, Andrews writes about taking responsibility and the phrase, "The buck stops here." There is no place for excuses when we take responsibility for our situation. We are here now and if things are to improve or change, we have to be responsible for the actions that make that happen.

So, excuse me if this doesn't make sense. On second thought, No Excuse; me.

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